10 February 2006

Safety Folder Pt. 1

Safety Folder pt. 1 (7:05 53.3mb/QuickTime movie)

This is a documentary short about the latest creation from Seattle inventor Barney Rambach, The Safety Folder. The filmmakers learned about his friends, his inventions, Dungeons and Dragons, vests and the Art of Dah-Kin-Do.

The film was produced in 2000 by Delicious 62 and Mighty Hank.Com. The filmmakers were ill-prepared for what they discovered in the process of making the documentary, and often apologize for the results to people at parties who have seen the film.

This version of Safety Folder is based on material from the extant 'Safety Folder: Special Edition DVD.' Additional footage has been shamefully--er, expertly--added to pad out--er, extend--the narrative to ... um ... make it longer ... and more ... episodic.


Enjoy part 1!


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