17 February 2006

machines pt. 2

machines pt. 2 (4:12 10.4mb/MPG4 movie)

In machines pt. 2, Victor Feakins participates in a strange test before being offered a job he can't refuse.

This part restores a short scene missing from the versions that screened at the festivals, and also rearranges the story slightly. The idea for the job test came from the strange computer tests that a person might take at a job placement office. The original concept was to see the little targets Victor was shooting at, but it seemed to work fine as it was and got the point across. I think.

More shout outs to 'forbes-design', for crazy digital imaging and special effects.

This version of 'machines' is an experimental edit that breaks 'machines' into three separate episodes, with a slight alteration to the original story content. The film was always a little experimental, and has a strange narrative flow so altering it more isn't out of character for the piece.

Part 3 will be coming down the pipe, along with a message from our new sponsor SUPERCALIFORNIA PANTS.

Thanks for watching!


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