03 February 2006

machines pt. 1

machines pt. 1 (4:40 25.2mb/QuickTime movie)

In 'machines pt. 1' a man from a strangely deserted city arrives at an empty office building for a job interview.

'machines' was originally a short digital film. It screened at a lot of different venues in 2002, from the Manchester International Short Film Festival to the San Diego International Comic Con. Out of all the venues, Comic Con was the most fun and the strangest.

The idea for the short came from a bad dream about what happened to dot com employees in the halycon days of the Internet, when people could get a bazillion dollars for a business centered on delivering a roll of Certs to people. This was back when young people were sleeping under their desks, working 100 hours a week in the hopes of getting in on a bazillion dollar IPO.

Those friends all worked hard on this strange little film, from acting, to holding microphones, arranging lights, moving equipment to location shoots, to wearing robot costumes that were more than a little inspired by Woody Allen's 'Sleeper'. Once again, another shout out goes to 'forbes-design', this time for crazy digital special effects.

This version of 'machines' is an experimental edit that breaks 'machines' into three separate episodes, with a slight alteration to the original story content. The film was always a little experimental, and has a strange narrative flow so altering it more isn't out of character for the piece.

Parts 2 and 3 will be coming down the pipe. Thanks for watching!


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