26 January 2006

Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend (3:33 21.4mb/QuickTime movie)

Long before the days of eBay, Myspace, and You're The Man Now Dog, before Paris Hilton trademarked, "that's hot," and Eminem was still rapping in basements, around the time of Yahoo but before Google, some friends made little movies in college using videotape, school equipment, beer and free time. One of these collaborations was the short Man's Best Friend. The director of this short makes a brief cameo appearance, and is both fat AND a terrible actor.

Man's Best Friend was written with the premise, "what if a car was a dog?" The car doesn't exhibit much dog-like behavior, though. We thought about chasing cars with the car during the shoot, but in a sleepy town like Bellingham, WA (where the short was shot) that's not a good idea. Actually, it's probably never a good idea to randomly chase people with a car.

The newest bit of digital media on this is the soundtrack, which was made in the middle of the night much to the misfortune of the downstairs neighbor, who probably wanted to sleep while drum noises were being made.



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