30 January 2006

?1950: The Day of Doom is Coming Episode 12

?1950: The Day of Doom is Coming Episode 1 (2:07 12.6mb/QuickTime movie)

In today's world, life sometimes moves so fast that we don't have time to watch an entire hour of television. Wouldn't it be great if you could catch up on a TV show without actually having to watch it? Now you can, thanks to the revolutionary Digital Video Program '?1950: The Day of Doom is Coming!' Each episode of ?1950 features clips from the previous episode, the show opening credits, and then a quick trailer of what'll be on next week's show! Imagine all the time you'll save when you get your entertainment without all that pesky time-wasting content in the way. Watch '?1950: The Day of Doom is Coming!' only on the Internet!

This was originally an experimental editing project for the StockStock Film Festival in Seattle, Washington. The festival promoters gave some filmmakers an hour of stock footage and said, "come up with a short film that's a couple of minutes long." This was the result.

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Blogger MobileDitty said...

Thank you, I think. Is this a comment from a real live person, or a real live .php or javascriptbot? If so, I don't hold a lack of sapience against you. Thanks for stopping by!

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